morning is spent laughing and getting ready with your bridal party.

   eyes meet your fiancé's, making the nerves that have been building all day finally disappear.

    walk down the ceremonial aisle and say those long awaited two words, "I Do".

            and family celebrate your marriage on the dance floor as you think,
"If this day could only last forever".

       leave the venue, sad it's over, but feel at ease knowing there are photographs of every detail that will allow you to relive this day over and over again!

you wake up early that morning thinking,
"Today's the day I marry my best friend".

imagine this...






Preparing for your wedding photography may seem overwhelming, but the right guidance will make all the difference for your client experience!

During the planning process, you will be provided an 80+ page Wedding Experience Guide with key details you may choose to incorporate in your planning!

As the wedding day approaches, we will work together to customize a photo-friendly wedding day timeline to ensure all desired photos are captured.

your wedding

planning for...

Your engagement session is where all the fun begins! It's also very important to the Wedding Experience process.

I will help you choose locations, outfit choices and poses so none of the pressure is on you! Plus, everything we learn today will be used on your wedding day!

time to celebrate!

engagement session...

Your wedding day is here and all the planning has paid off!

I start documenting the moment I arrive. There will be times you see me and I will need to take charge. At other times I will be quietly working in the background.

I want you to enjoy your day knowing photography is one less thing to worry about!

it's arrived!

your wedding...

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"Sarah made my partner and I feel comfortable right away. In other professional photos I have taken I felt extremely tense and wasn’t quite sure what to do with my body, but that was not the case here. We spent most of our time laughing and I think she really captured the love in our relationship."