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My love for photography started when I was super young. I remember my dad coming to all of our Nutcracker dress rehearsals (bless him) and taking photos of my sisters and me. Following in his footsteps, I began taking classes in photography and fell in love with it!

In college, my friend and I started a side hustle where we began photographing seniors, families, couples and weddings. Although I absolutely loved photography, I decided to go a different route in education and graduated with a double major in Finance and Marketing (lets face it, numbers rock!).

Well... it turns out my gut told me this path was not for me. Ha! So after three years of working in finance, I decided to say "to heck with that" and go full time doing something I'm passionate about!

facts on
            facts on

I was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas but love to travel.
I have five sisters (I'm the baby), six nephews and one niece.
I grew up in a "household divided" between KU and K-State fans... (I’m team K-State but don't tell my mom).
I was president of my college sorority.
My hubby and I were engaged in Iceland.
I was married in the crazy year of 2020.
I wouldn’t be opposed to owning 17 dogs, but for now we have two adopted golden doodles named Doug & Barkley.
I'm obsessed with Chinese and Mexican food! (well, basically all food).
I'm singing all the time!
I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste (where are my fellow tea drinkers?).
When I’m not taking photos I’m 100% looking at dog memes.