May 6, 2022

Sarah & Jacob – downtown Lawrence, KS & Clinton Lake Park

This week I got to photograph Sarah and Jacob’s engagement session! Sarah was one of my first friends my freshman year of college (10 YEARS AGO holy heck!!), so once she asked me to photograph her wedding I was over the moon!!

Sarah and Jacob met at Washburn University back in 2012! They became friends, but early on Jacob transferred out of state while Sarah transferred to KU and decided to stay in Lawrence. It wasn’t until 8 years later when Jacob moved back to Kansas where their paths crossed again and they wound up dating!!

Jacob proposed on a trip they took to New York to attend one of his friend’s weddings in Long Island where he is from. They decided to make a trip of it and go a week early to spend some time in NYC before heading to the suburbs, and little did Sarah know he had some big plans while they were there! One evening on their trip, Jacob planned reservations for drinks and dinner, however to ensure Sarah didn’t suspect anything, he had his best friend join them at one point to casually throw her off before he proposed! (Well played Jacob!!) It turns out it worked because he surprised her at their last location by getting on one knee at the Brooklyn Bridge Park with a beautiful view of the city behind them.

Sarah and Jacob are the ideal people to be around! They are easy going, super fun and overall amazing individuals! I’m seriously looking forward to their wedding this summer 😊

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