November 4, 2022

Ashley & Justin’s couple session – Gage Park, Topeka, KS

Time for a fun fall couple’s session with Ashley and Justin!

Ashley was one of the lucky winners last December who won a free couple’s session with me this year! Right when she won, she told me she was hoping to use it for an engagement session this year, but was unsure if it would happen! Turns out she was right because just a couple of weeks ago, Justin took Ashely on a walk through Gage Park and got on one knee on the stone bridge surrounded by beautiful scenery in the same location they had their first date! You better believe I screamed when she sent me a picture of her with her ring saying she was ready for our session ha!!

Just from hanging out with them for an hour, I could tell these two were meant for each other! They’re both hilarious, caring and genuinely some of the nicest people I’ve met.

You two deserve all the love in the world! I’m so happy for your engagement and excited to see you guys step into this next chapter together 😊

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