October 13, 2022

Jodi & Kyle’s Engagement Session – The Governor’s Mansion & Kansas History Museum

Today we get to celebrate Jodi and Kyle’s engagement!!

Jodi and Kyle’s relationship began almost exactly two years ago at a Halloween party where they met through mutual friends. Earlier this year, they decided to take the leap and buy a house together! After touring their house on closing day, Kyle found this as the perfect opportunity to make another leap and proposed to Jodi in their kitchen!

Ever since then, these two have been constantly working on updating their house to make it the perfect home and are hoping to have everything done before they say “I Do” next month!

After spending a beautiful (yet windyyyyyy) Kansas evening together, we captured some amazing memories and in less than one short month we get to do it all again 😊

Congrats you two! Corey and I can’t wait to join you for your wedding day next month!!

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